2019 Salon Opener Box
1. Do the proper consultation. Make decisions about hair type, color, texture beforehand to ensure the best results with Cezanne.

2. Limit amount of treatment per section. When applying the treatment, avoid painting onto the entire section of hair. Use a three-dab system: One dab 1/4" away from the scalp, another dab or two down the hair shaft and a final dab at the ends. 

3. Massage treatment into the hair. Make sure to thoroughly massage the treatment into the hair (including hair line and porous ends) to properly emulsify the product. 

4. Rinse according to the directions. Leave a small amount of residue in the hair, a little more than what you would feel with a deep conditioning treatment. If the hair feels gummy, heavy or hard to blow-dry, rinse some more!

5. Give client a picture-perfect blowout. After you’ve rinsed the Cezanne treatment, do a meticulous blow-dry on medium heat with high airflow.

6. Flat iron meticulously. Using an average flat iron heat setting of 380-410 F (193-210 C), take small sections and meticulously flat iron until the hair is silky, shiny and sealed. For a high-lift blonde or someone with very damaged hair, start at the lowest heat setting and work your way up to a safe heat. On average, each section requires 3 to 5 passes with a flat iron to seal the hair.