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Cezanne Testimonial: Seven Salon with Broady Oster


I love how easy Cezanne is to use and I love the results. I highly recommend Cezanne. I think it's important to be honest in the consultation and make sure the client is being realistic about the results. Overall, I'd say the product is one of the best smoothing treatments I've used.

How does Cezanne save your clients time?

I always like to offer different treatments to enhance my clients experience and create ease in their daily styling routine. For my clients with hair that takes considerably longer to dry and style, Cezanne has reduced the drying time by almost half and the finished style appears smoother and softer.

What is your advice for someone who has never had a smoothing treatment?

If you have curly hair and are unhappy with your texture, a smoothing treatment is not going to give you straight hair. Smoothing treatments are great for facilitating an ease of style, making the hair more manageable. It's a tool to aid in the styling process and give you the confidence to create a salon style at home.

How does this compare to other smoothing treatments?

Of all the smoothing treatments I've used, Cezanne has been the most effective and longest lasting. I love how it also seals the color in and adds shine, giving better longevity to the color. I love that this particular treatment doesn't require you to flat iron the hair a thousand times, which means it's softer on the hair. I know I will be creating the least amount of damage to the hair when using Cezanne.

What is your advice for anyone thinking about getting a Cezanne smoothing treatment?

It’s also great if you’re having trouble styling your hair or find that you just don't have enough time to style your hair. Cezanne is also a great treatment for you if your hair is a bit frizzy or you live in a humid climate.

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