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5 Ways to Save Time on Back-To-School Routines with Cezanne


School is starting! For parents, back-to-school means a lot less time in the morning. Basically, their entire routine goes out the window. After a Cezanne smoothing treatment, that’s perfectly fine!

Market Cezanne to your parents as a way to simplify their morning routing. A Cezanne treatment gives them salon-quality hair without touching a blow-dryer, flat iron or a single hair product. This is a godsend for frizzy-haired, frazzled parents who’ve never had the luxury of using the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis and have to spend serious time styling their hair in the morning.

With a Cezanne treatment, they’ll want to sing from the mountaintops. It’s that good. Ensure them that the 100% formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment is also non-toxic, naturally safe and effective, perfect for parents concerned about chemical side effects of traditional keratin treatments.

Here are five ways Cezanne can save parents time in the morning:

1. Blow-Dry Time: Cezanne cuts your blow-drying time in half. You might be able to ditch the appliance altogether and let your hair air-dry most days.

2. Product: The Sericin in our smoothing treatment seals moisture, adds luster and protects and restores bonds—no product needed!

3. Manageability: Brush through hair easily with Cezanne. This smoothing treatment adds natural movement without snarls or mess.

4. Smoothing Without Straightening: Save the health of your hair by putting down the flat iron and blow-dryer. Cezanne keeps your hair naturally smooth without the need for hot tools.

5. No Frizz: Keep your style standing all day long with absolutely no frizz.

With all that extra time, they can pick up those spilled Cheerios off the floor and still have enough time to get the kids to school. On second thought, if that’s what they’re saving time for, maybe spending a few extra minutes styling their hair doesn’t sound like a bad idea…but we digress!

A Cezanne treatment is a life-saver for parents whose mornings start with the alarm not going off, their kids jumping on the bed and only 10 minutes to get to school and work! Offer the Perfect Finish or Express treatment in your salon to change morning routines for the better—and for good.

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