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Compare and Contrast: Perfect Finish vs. Express


We think both Perfect Finish and Express are awesome smoothing treatments, but there are benefits to using one or the other. Obviously, the Express treatment takes less time, hence the name, but you might not know that this treatment is better for exceptionally fine or very damaged hair. #themoreyouknow

Let’s take a look at the differences between Perfect Finish and Express.

Number of Steps
Perfect: More steps than Express—apply treatment to dry hair.
Express: Less steps than Perfect Finish—take out the blow-dry on Step 1 and apply to damp hair.

Salon Duration
Perfect: Client is in the chair 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.
Express: Client is out the door in no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How Long It Lasts
Perfect: Three to five months.
Express: Four to six weeks.

Initial Application
Perfect: Apply on dry hair.
Express: Apply on damp hair.

Hair Type Or: Good For or Works Best On?
Perfect: Coarse, kinky-curly, unruly and thick hair.
Express: Exceptionally fine, very damaged hair. Also works well as a spot treatment on baby hairs, cowlicks and bangs.

Processing Time

Perfect: Leave treatment on fully-saturated head for 30 minutes.
Express: Leave treatment on for only 15 minutes.

Amount of Product Needed

Perfect: Start with 1-2 ounces and add more to bowl as needed.
Express: Start with 1 ounce and add more to bowl as needed.

Perfect: Fruity and floral!
Express: Trick comparison! They smell the same!

What’s not to love? Both treatments achieve a smoother, more manageable and frizz-free hairstyle. Log in and register to learn more about Perfect Finish and Express.

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