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Get Cezanne Smoothing Treatments to Last


Everyone wants to save time, making smoothing treatments a sensical way to tame unruly hair and cut down on endless blow-drying and flat ironing. To make sure clients are enjoying the benefits of Cezanne for as long as possible, we’ve rounded up our top tips on what they should do to get their smoothing treatment to last long after they walk out of the salon.

Shampoo Less

Washing hair is a surefire way to shorten the lifespan of a smoothing treatment. It may seem obvious to you, as a stylist, but clients need to be reminded! Advise them to shampoo about one to two times a week at most, depending on their hair type. Send them home with Cezanne Root Blast to add volume and texture between washes, which will combat dull, lifeless locks with a quick spritz before the blow-dry. The formula gives hair body without leaving a stiff finish or compromising the smoothing treatment.

Shampoo and Condition Wisely

Stress the importance of using products formulated to prolong their smoothing treatment during wash days. The Cezanne Perfect Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with a Hydrolyzed Protein to protect and strengthen hair while rebuilding elasticity and restoring shine. This duo is also color-safe and free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, and phthalates, which means it’s beneficial to use even when the smoothing treatment grows out.

Condition Before Styling

Apply a leave-in conditioner to maintain the treatment’s silky effects, whether you’re air-drying or using hot tools to style your hair. Our new Perfect Blowout and Smoothing Crème combines our leave-in spray and cream conditioners for an all-in-one, lightweight way to keep your hair smooth and manageable between appointments. This heat-protectant product will give the hair massive shine and enough body while keeping it very smooth and silky.

Protect Your Tresses

Protecting hair from heat and environmental stressors is a must, no matter what their washing routine looks like. We always recommend the new Leave-In Perfector Spray for clients to prolong their smoothing treatment—whether they use hot tools or not. Why? Our leave-in contains Crodabond™ and Sericin to extend the life of a Cezanne treatment. It also protects from heat and UV rays, adding moisture, shine, smoothness, repair, manageability, and anti-breakage properties along the way.

Have clients incorporate these steps into their routine and for a smoothing treatment that stays as long as possible. Cezanne’s strengthening, moisturizing, color-safe products that are free of harmful ingredients guarantee that your client’s will be able to have great hair during the life of their Cezanne treatment and long after it grows out. Cezanne is your insurance from the inside out.

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