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How Does Cezanne Affect Hair Color?


Should I Color Before or After Cezanne?

Color can be done before or after the treatment. If color is done after the treatment, you eliminate issues of lifting color. However, if there is excess residue in the hair after the flat iron, you should wash the hair again before you apply the color.

Can Cezanne Lift Color?

As with all smoothing treatments, there is a potential to lift color. Whether or not any color is lifted and how much color is lifted is a function of the particular hair or color type and condition as well as the temperature of the blow-dryer and/or flat iron. When coloring before the treatment, some stylists adjust the level of the color to allow for any lift that may occur. If your client has pink, blue, green, yellow or any other bright unnatural colors, there may be a greater tendency for lift. You can eliminate the issues related to lifting color if you color after the treatment.

If Color is Lifted, Can Touch-Ups Be Done After the Treatment?

Yes. Their color can be done immediately following the treatment.

Why is My Blonde/White-Haired Client’s Hair Slightly Yellow after Flat Ironing? How Can I Avoid?

There is nothing in the product itself to turn the hair yellow, but blonde or white hair has been known to turn yellow for a variety of reasons. This could occur during the treatment and it may be outside your control. Causes could include type of color or treatments already in the hair, type of water, medication—even aspirin can affect hair color!

A flat iron that’s too hot can also cause problems with delicate white or blonde hair. Try starting at a very low temperature, even lower than the average 380 F (193 C). Simply adjust the temperature only to the point where the hair gets easily silky. If you see the hair getting yellow, stop and turn the temperature down. Silky is the key word. Once it’s silky, there is no reason to keep flat ironing.

Remember, you can always adjust color after the service if you wish. Blue/violet based shampoo or violet toner can reduce/eliminate yellowing.

What’s the Best Way to Get Coverage Over Resistant Gray Hair after the Treatment?

If the hair feels light and silky after flat ironing, you can immediately proceed to coloring. If there is excess residue in the hair after the flat iron, you may want to wash their hair again to prevent and extra lift in hair color. If the hair is particularly resistant, you may want to leave the color on a bit longer than usual.

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