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Cezanne Express Smoothing Treatment Review


Change your day-to-day styling with Cezanne’s Express. In her review, Stevie talks about how our smoothing treatment allowed her to straighten her hair faster, meaning she could wear her hair straight more often instead of just defaulting to her curly hair.

“I more often wear my hair straight now because I’m able to keep it straight throughout the day,” she said.

She was also able to keep it smooth and shiny throughout three back-to-back hot yoga classes, which means our treatment is excellent at sealing the hair for frizz-free strands.

“A few days after I had the treatment done, I taught three classes back-to-back in a 90-degree studio with lots of humidity. I wore a straight ponytail and after the three classes the hair was still straight, shiny and looked great, so I thought that was really impressive.”

For a 100% formaldehyde-free solution to your frizzy hair, go with Cezanne Classic or Express Smoothing Treatments. Order now from our distributor partners or find a salon near you that performs Cezanne treatments.

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