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New Cezanne Tutorials for Classic and Express


Our brand is different than traditional smoothing brands. Performing a few critical steps is crucial to delivering the best results.

Learn how to apply Cezanne Classic and Express with our new step-by-step instructions from Kathy Combs, Cezanne Director of Education.

“One of the things that’s so important about the core thread and fabric of Cezanne is making certain that professionals that do our treatment—the wheelhouse of our company—have every tool needed to guarantee the best results. It’s all about doing the treatment correctly and staying up with times,” Shay Hoelscher, Cezanne CEO, said.

Find out the “why” behind our specific steps and master the application of Cezanne with our new video tutorials. After watching our instructions, take our quiz to become a Certified Cezanne Impressionist.

“That’s one of the things we find—it isn’t like other keratin treatments. There are less steps but there are things that have to be done right, like rinsing the right amount and making sure hair is bone dry, for example.”

How to Apply the Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment

How the Apply the Cezanne Express Smoothing Treatment

Learn more about our in-salon smoothing treatments and find a distributor near you that sells Cezanne.

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