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Cezanne Testimonial: Mouton Salon with Ami Cicirello


We received an amazing review from Ami Cicirello at Mouton Salon and thought we’d share what this stylish, hospitable, owner-operated boutique salon had to say about our professional smoothing treatment.

What do your clients say about the product?

A client of mine found you guys, actually! She was tired of having the waiting period, so she showed me the product six months ago and I did research on Cezanne.

She has gone crazy and has sent so many people here because of the treatment. I haven’t done any advertising, just word of mouth. I've been in the hair industry for 20 years and this is by far the best smoothing treatment I've used on my clients. They absolutely love it and it sells itself.

What is your advice for someone who has never had a smoothing treatment?

As far as that goes, basically it’s going to make their hair easier to maintain. If they have issues with fuzz and frizz, it goes away. It helps them style their hair easier at home.

It’s something they need to have in their hair year round. I’m doing plenty of treatments and we’re in December.

How does this compare to other smoothing treatments?

There’s no comparison. I would put you guys at the top of list as far as treatments go.

What is your advice for anyone thinking about getting a Cezanne smoothing treatment?

To do it and don’t hesitate. Just do it!

What do you like about the product?

The treatment lasts a long time. The client that originally recommended it—I didn’t have to give her a smoothing treatment again for about six months. That’s a selling point because it has a higher price point than most services in a salon. It really sells itself.

To order the Cezanne Classic or Express smoothing treatment, visit our distributors page and order from one of our Cezanne partners in your area.

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