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Instructions for Instant

1. Prep 

  • Wash hair twice with Cezanne Clarifying Shampoo. 
  • Gently towel dry the hair. 

2. Apply

  • Shake the product before applying.
  • Apply treatment by misting 5-6 spray into 4-6 large sections of the hair.
  • Comb treatment through. 
  • Repeat process throughout the hair.
  • To ensure complete coverage, comb the entire head again and reapply treatment to hairlines and porous ends.

3. Process

  • Let the treatment sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • No cap and no heat.

4. Rinse

  • Rinse with luke warm water and turn the water pressure down and focus nozzle on the scalp and nape. Very long, thick, or coarse/resistant hair may need a longer rinse.
  • Leave a small amount of residue in the hair.
  • If ends are porous, hold them up until the end of the rinse. 

5. Blow-Dry

  • Do a meticulous blowout. Set the blow-dryer to medium heat on high air flow.
  • The hair should feel like it has a little bit of texture spray in it. If hair seems gummy or heavy, rinse again.
  • Use a round brush or paddle brush to get hair as smooth as possible. Make sure hair is 100% dry.

6. Flat Iron

  • Flat iron meticulously using an average heat setting of 380-410 F (193-210 C). Make sure to take small sections and concentrate on the roots.
  • Take small sections, concentrate at the roots and flat iron until hair is silky, which indicates that the hair is sealed with treatment. On average, each section requires 3 passes with a flat iron to seal the hair (coarse/resistant hair may need more passes with a flat iron).
  • To complete the service, give your client a quick trim or haircut to refresh the ends!