2019 Salon Opener Box
As a 30-year veteran of the professional beauty business, I have tremendous respect for hairdressers who stand behind the chair working so hard day in day out. I am lucky to make my living working in such a fantastic industry with so many amazing people. I have had the good fortune of recently being named the CEO of Cezanne Professional. I can’t think of a better place to be!

An interesting data point to share; the largest number of searches on the Internet is women looking for a product that will make their hair silky smooth, frizz-free and manageable. Current statistics also show that smoothing services rank number 2 for income generating services in the salon. Cezanne can deliver financial rewards and incredible results while protecting the health and safety of the hairdressers and the salon clients!

Cezanne brings the artistry to the hairdresser giving you tools to create and the ability to transform a client’s image and even more important to change how the clients feel about themselves! When you improve a person’s confidence self-image and overall emotional well being you have impacted that person's life!

With the family of Cezanne products, you have the ability to create magic in the salon everyday by transforming your client’s looks and lives! Thanks for your continued support of Cezanne.

Stay inspired.

Brian Bennett