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Our Story

Our Story

We're passionate with connecting who we are with our name. So, why Cezanne and why the splash?

Why Cezanne?

The name Cezanne comes from Paul Cezanne, the famous Frech artist and post-Impressionist painter. We believe every artist needs the perfect canvas to create their masterpiece. With the palette of Cezanne, create a smoother, frizz-free canvas while restoring natural shine and making hair healthy and more manadeable--all without toxic chemicals. Cezanne lasts for months.

Why the Paint Splash?

The paint splash logo evokes the artist Paul Cezanne. Seeing the paint splash inspires and reminds the stylist that great hair is an art form.

Cezanne changes the hair without the damaging effects of formaldehyde, an ingredient in other smoothing and straightening treatments.

With this treatment, your clients enjoy smoother, frizz-free, more manageable hair and the stylist is able to apply Cezanne without any breathing or eyesight difficulties from noxious gases.

There's only one Cezanne. Our unique product is cutting edge technology and 100% formaldehyde free. In the same way, we are the cutting edge of stylists creating hair as an art form.

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