Ultimate Blonde Treatment

Ultimate Blonde Treatment

At Cezanne, we understand that color-treated blonde hair care requires certain steps, such as toning. That’s why we developed our Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment. This smoothing treatment for blonde hair uses blue-violet pigment to remove brassy yellow shades while still smoothing damaged hair.

How Does the Ultimate Blonde Treatment Work?

Your stylist performs the keratin smoothing treatment on your blonde hair over the course of one and a half to two and a half hours. First, they apply the treatment to your hair, and then they let it process for 30 minutes. Once the treatment fully processes in your hair, your stylist rinses your hair, and then they blow dry and flat iron it to seal in the treatment. Then you’ll have healthy, strong, shiny blonde hair for up to five months.

Why Does Our Blonde Treatment Contain Toning Pigments?

We put blue-violet pigments in this treatment so it tones the hair while keeping your blonde hair healthy with our natural keratin smoothing treatment. Essentially, we put two products into one so your stylist doesn’t have to apply a toner to your hair before or after they apply the keratin smoothing treatment. Violet is yellow’s complementary color, so when your stylist puts a blue-violet toner on your blonde hair, the blue and violet tones cancel out the yellow tones in your hair. This toning process gives you cool blonde tones while the keratin treatment helps undo any damage that lightening treatments have caused.

What Types of Hair Does the Ultimate Blonde Treatment Work Best With?

Ultimate Blonde works well with all hair types, including curly and textured hair. Its toning properties mean it offers best results to blonde and gray hair or hair with balayage highlights. Keeping your hair smooth and toned is one of the best ways to keep blonde hair healthy, since it removes brassiness and undoes color-related hair damage.

Ultimate Blonde Treatment Aftercare

How should you care for your hair after you receive one of these keratin smoothing treatments? Any way you want! We’ve designed our complex natural keratin smoothing treatment for blonde hair so it puts no limitations on your hair care routine. You can wash your hair with Ultimate Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner or heat style it as soon as you receive your keratin treatment. Also, you can use Cezanne aftercare products, such as our dry shampoo to maintain your healthy and shiny hair.

Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy With an Ultimate Blonde Treatment

Talk to your stylist today about using Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment. We offer our treatments at several different price points so you can keep your blonde hair healthy while staying within your budget.

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