Express Treatment

Express Treatment

What should you do if you want a keratin treatment, but you want to protect your color-treated hair? You should use our keratin Express Treatment, which moisturizes your hair while strengthening the keratin complex in each strand. It works for all hair types, from straight hair to textured and curly hair.

How Does the Express Treatment Application Process Work?

When you receive an Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment, your stylist applies the treatment over the course of about an hour and fifteen minutes. Then they let the treatment process for 15 minutes. Once the treatment has processed, your stylist rinses your hair and then seals the treatment into it by blow drying and flat ironing it.

Is a Keratin Treatment Safe for Colored Hair?

Yes, our keratin smoothing treatments are safe for color-treated hair. Our Express Treatment in particular contains a moisturizing formula that helps heal compromised hair. The Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment smooths and strengthens the natural keratin protein in your compromised hair for up to 10 weeks. If your hair is damaged by hair coloring treatments or too many styling products or heat, sunlight, and chlorine, this treatment is for you.

Do Cezanne Treatments Contain Harsh Chemicals?

No. We keep our keratin treatments formaldehyde-free. Unlike other treatments, we also keep our formulations aldehyde-free, so we don’t swap one harsh chemical for another. We keep our salon treatments toxin-free to protect stylists and their clients. Stylists can apply Cezanne keratin smoothing treatments to clients’ hair without using masks or other safety equipment to protect themselves and their clients.

What Does Express Treatment Aftercare Look Like?

Some keratin smoothing treatments require you to wait for days or weeks to wash, put up, or style your hair, but not Cezanne. We design our treatments so they don’t limit what you can do for your hair after you receive one of them. That’s why our Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment is one of the best keratin treatments for colored hair. It moisturizes your color-treated hair, and then it allows you to wear your hair however you want, whether that’s straight, curly, or up in a ponytail.

Cezanne also provides aftercare products such as shampoos and conditioners. These products help you continue to strengthen the keratin in your hair long after you’ve received your treatment. Additionally, our treatments reduce blow-drying time by up to 50% and they allow you to use fewer daily products to keep your hair strong and healthy. We make sure our treatments make your aftercare routine simple.

Keep Your Hair Safe With an Express Keratin Treatment

If you want to strengthen and moisturize your hair with an Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment, talk to your stylist today. They can provide you with the right keratin treatment for your chemically compromised hair.

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